Augmented Reality for UE4

Actually it is there: "Editor binary version for Windows / OSX"

I am glad it’s working now!

Not able to package or launch on IOS device. Opened the blueprints and have several errors. ARToolkit variable not found, Get Camera Frame Variable not found, and several others pertaining to ARToolkit. Can someone give me some step by step instructions on how to install this properly or how I can adjust the blueprint to get rid of the errors?


Check out the iOS section:

First you need to compile the plugin using xCode. It’s an automatic process.
After that you can use the blueprint nodes, and package for iOS.

Hello AdamHorvath**,**
We are trying to make an augmented reality app on mobile (Android 5.1 and newer).
With unreal 4.18.3, we are using the plugin unreal4AR commercial version.

When we add the plugin to our project and launch it on mobile phone, it crashes instantly on the phone without any error in the logs.
Everything works until we actually add the plugin to the project, the build succeeds, but when the app opens it just crashes.

What can we do to find where the problem comes from?


Try to disable the following plugins:

  • OnlineSubsystemNull
  • OnlineSubsystemUtils
  • OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay
  • Android Media Player

We have already disabled the plugins, but it still crashes.
We found out that rebuilding the solution causes problems on the U4AR plugin.

When we try to open a new scene upon detection of a QR code, the app crashes 90% of the time.
Without the plugin all scenes are working fine.

Hi, is it possible to hook up the camera used in the ARKit example as the input for your plugin, is it possible? I tried doing it and this is the error I am getting


It’s not possible with the current version.

This will be a great add-on to the existing framework, do you plan on making this possible? If so, do you mind sharing the timeline?

Hi everyone, what do I do if I want to make sure the model is an appropriate size I want? AKA, how do I do unit conversion between UNREAL and the real world? Thanks!

Hey, Adam and everyone. How do I make do unit conversion between UNREAL and the real world? For example, if I want to map a one-inch cube to the real world, how big of a marker should I print and what is the size of the cube in UNREAL?


Hey, Adam and everyone. How do I make do unit conversion between UNREAL and the real world? For example, if I want to map a one-inch cube to the real world, how big of a marker should I print and what is the size of the cube in UNREAL?



1 Unreal unit is 1 cm. 1 inch is 2,54 cm.

I would suggest to print the marker in it’s original size.

Hi Adam, im trying the demo version with the UE 4.18 and im getting the white screen when i open the app. I have sent it to google play and downloaded on my tablet.
Is this happening because it is the demo version?
PS.: i dont even know if it is ok to do that, my bad.

Hello Bruno,

The DEMO is only working on windows / mac.

Hi Adam, the template works really good. I like it a lot. I have a question about the using of more Blueprints and more markers. Can you provide us a screenshot of the way you make this in the level_BP?
in the default you have a AR_actor_touch with the bike, and this pops up after the markers Hiro and Pinball. I only use NFT markers. I have 6 other NFT markers, and want them to show 6 different Blueprints (BP_A; BP_B; BP_C,… etc) . But whatever i try, i goes wrong. its harder then i think probably. Now i copy your AR_actor_touch, and drag it into the level, and change the name in BP_B,… BP_C (etc)
My plan was to to this in a branche so that if marker a is seen, then Blueprint a shows. And the if not, it dissapears. Then if marker b is detected, then BP B shows. But i am kind of stuck to get this working in the Level_BP. So i hope someone can provide me screenshot of the way:rolleyes:

Hello. I got the plug-in yesterday and so far I have not been able to get it to work on iOS. I get “Webcam init error”.
This work fine when I press play on the mac, but when I launch it to my iPhone I get a white shape and the error above. This happens with an “empty” project, when I follow the documentation setup. (C++ >> Copy Content >> Rebuild DLL >> Launch to iOS).
Any thoughts?

Furthermore, some of the links on your documentation page are broken Documentation | UNREAL4AR


It seems the website, anyone knows when it is going back up?
I am looking for the exe that can generate NFT markers and when googling it, it seems that the only source was on this site. Any help would be greatly appreciated


I’ve uploaded a copy of the **ARToolkit 5 binary **to the following link:…Zl9eJ9BtPGQGqM
(.exe files for marker generation are located in the /bin folder)

ARToolkit website:…

Marker training:…arker_training

NFT marker training:…r_nft_training

I hope it helps until the website is online again!


Can you please send me your output logs to ?