Audio player: runtime memory usage optimization

Hello world, its been a while.

I have created a very basic BP based audio player for the BGM Tracks. It utilizes sound cues to select a random track from a list of music tracks.

Looking at the size map alone, its more than i would like it to be and i understand the reason is due to the track references being used in the cue. However, i would prefer not having to load them all to the runtime memory. Rather, just having it load one track at a time to the memory (or 2 at most).

Does anyone know a better & more efficient approach to a bgm player ?

I found a property to enable file “streaming” in audio file details section. Couldn’t find any documentation or info reg it except that it used to be an experimental feature. If someone has a link please do share.

On enabling, it streams the sound file during run time instead of prior loading to the memory. The size map is negligible and i am still able to play the sound cue without any apparent issues at this point. Will continue with streaming unless i have a reason for otherwise.

Im quite certain that the feature has zero impact to the packaging size but it does reduce the run time usage dramatically. :wink: