Audio coming from TV in game

Trying to get audio to sound like its actually coming from a TV in game. As of now, with the Oculus, when you face the TV you just get even audio in both headphones when facing the TV. But it doesnt actually sound like its being projected from in front of you from where the TV is. Is this possible? I want the audio to sound like its really coming from the TV. I guess what Im looking for is the most accurate VR directional sound I can get.


This should be as straightforward as Checking “Allow Spatalization” / Setting a sound attenuation class on your audio component.

I did, but when facing the TV, the sound comes in evenly on both headphones as if Im just wearing regular headphones. It doesnt sound like the sound is coming from the TV itself. But it does fade the further away I get, and also fades left to right when I turn my head. The issue is just the audio doesnt sound like its coming from in FRONT of me. It just sounds like im wearing headphones when facing the tv.