Audio analysis on Quest2?


I’m trying to get the audio spectrum output from a MediaPlayer playing a mp3 on the Quest2.
I’m using the start analyzing function from the Audio Mixer Blueprint library and in the editor it works fine and I see output (wired one float from the freq. array to a text render component).
On the Quest2 on the other hand it doesn’t give any output even though the sound plays fine. I’m leaving the Submix field blank to use the Master output,
Tried explicitly setting the new Audio Engine in the AndroidEngine.ini but no luck.

Has anyone here managed to get this working, or have any ideas on what could cause this?

Thanks in advance!


I dropped a music file into my level and got some Niagara effects working that used the audio analysis stuff and I have gotten it to work on the Quest 1/2. So I can confirm that some level of this works on the Quest 1/2.

That said, I picked up the UTube plugin from the market, and my Niagara effects work on the PC and react to the audio, but they do not react to the audio on the Quest 1/2. I even followed the UTube author’s samples and tried hooking up audio analysis as they had shown, and again it work on PC but not on the Quest 1/2.

I’m not sure if this is a bug in Unreal, a bug in the UTube plugin I tried, or a limitation of Android combined with how the plugin was authored. I reached out to the plugin author but haven’t heard back.

I’d be interested in hearing your solution if you get your media player working; perhaps it will fix the problem I’m seeing as well.