Attempting to recreate effect...please help

Hey everyone,

I have been trying to recreate the effect in the video below but havent been able to wrap my brain around the distortion when the ball gets close to the holo wall…I have the dissolve material set up just need to figure out the distortion. any help would be amazing

Here is a link to the video that inspired me:

And here is my Mat that I am using:


I’m assuming you’re talking about the stretching towards the boundaries of the holo-chamber?

Here’s a quick and dirty setup I threw together to get it working. You should be able to do the same in each of the other axes and combine all the altered offset vectors. Hope it helps.

would i have to make three separate trees like this for the separate vectors or where you have boundary X could i put a vector 3?

Off the top of my head, I’d say you’d probably have to make an if statement for each of the +/- axes.

As for your question about the mask - its called ‘ComponentMask’.

Still new to this but how would I go about telling it which axis I am using…

The if node is comparing two vectors - the world space position of the pixel, and another vector defining which direction and distance you’re defining as a boundary. In the example I built, we’re working in +X, so there is a vector created with 500,0,0 (the constant with the 0,0 vector appended) which is basically telling the if node to check whether or not the pixels exist beyond x=500.

To do the same in Y and Z, you need to create vectors 0,x,0 and 0,0,x, where x is the distance at which you’re placing your invisible boundary.

Does that make sense?

yes and no…the graph makes sense, so to define Y and Z I would just change the one of the other two vectors in the constant two vector…correct? it doesnt seem to chage anything in my preview window though.:confused:

what I am not getting now is setting that up in my scene…in that little gif you have above where you are pulling the sphere around are you using a target point and blueprint? if so how do i go about those?

You also need to make sure your’re masking the correct channels from the world position - in the above image its set to red (x), and would need to be changed to green and blue for Y and Z respectively.

In the gif, there’s no blueprints. I just have a sphere with that material on it, positioned roughly about 490 units in +X. As I move the sphere beyond 500 units, the points in the mesh that exist >500 begin to warp. Nothing fancy.