Attempting to extend UMG on Mac/XCode

I was following this tutorial:

In attempting to compile my PlayerController, I found that the include for Blueprint/UserWidget.h was not found. I changed this to the full path and that did not improve things, instead, includes within UserWidget.h were not found. In searching further, I found Rama’s tutorial and included more headers with still the same result, internal references were unable to be resolved. I have noted that there are many answers to this question associated with Visual C++, but nothing pertinent to the Mac and XCode. Does UMG work with the mac, and if so, any pointers would be appreciated.

Other changes were that I modified the ProjectName.Target.cs file as that was the only one available. I included “UMG”, “Slate”, “SlateCore”.

The errors I get are in UMG.h, SlateWrapperTypes.h is not found. In my project.generated.cpp, I get “Unknown type name UMG_API”, Expected unqualified-id, and Use of undeclared identifier ‘Z Construct_UCLass_UUserWidget’.

The includes I put in the PlayerController class were:

#include "Runtime/UMG/Public/UMG.h"
#include "Runtime/UMG/Public/UMGStyle.h"
#include "Runtime/UMG/Public/Slate/SObjectWidget.h"
#include "Runtime/UMG/Public/IUMGModule.h"
#include "Runtime/UMG/Public/Blueprint/UserWidget.h"

The answer to this was embedded in my own question. I was attempting to add public and private dependencies to the wrong CSharp file. I did not look carefully enough and indeed, on the XCode project, there was a file where the dependencies did need to go. It’s such a dumb error, I’m not sure this is worth leaving here but possibly someone else will make the same mistake. The includes work great once the correct .cs file is modified.