Attaching text to a cube or a wall in UE 4.6


I want to add/attach some text to a cube/wall in my level. I feel that Test Render looks separate from my wall. I want to give the feel that the text is written/engraved on my wall? I also want the text to not always be seen like a Text added in a widget blueprint. It must only be seen when the user is able to see the wall. How can I do this? Also, can hint text( text shown when the mouse is hovered my wall) be added to static mesh actors like walls? How can this be done?

You could potentially do this in the material by having two textures that you lerp between. Parameterize the alpha value and control it through BP, and you’ve got yourself a text that you can turn on and off.

It wouldn’t quite work if you wanted the text itself to change during runtime, but you could definitely affect the visibility of it. Plus, it allows for cooler effects such as emissiveness!

Simple way to do this : Create a texture based on DECAL system. Use a decal texture, this works fine.

Great way!
I have used it many times. Everything works great.