Attaching/Parenting to HMD

Hey guys, i’m trying to parent a UMG widget (for a reticle style HUD, sort of like a google glass eyepiece) and a gun static mesh to the camera so it is basically locked in position no matter were the player looks. I’m having problems figuring out how to do so. I have the UMG widget and gun parented to the firstpersonCamera, and they seem to track rotation of the HMD but not position. When i move my head back it moves the player camera away from the parented objects. Any ideas?

NVM, think I got it. Just needed a few more minutes of working on it to figure it out. I created a dummy object (scene component) parented under the camera and zeroed out, then parented my widget and static mesh to that. Then in my event tick of player event graph, I am using “get orientation and position” and plugging that in to “set relative transform” of dummy object.