Attaching HMD Camera to an animated actor (aircraft cockpit) without lag or jitter (Vive)

I’m trying to animate an aircraft with the VR HMD maintaining the correct relative relationship to the cockpit.

Using Steam VR Template in 4.13

V1 attached the VR Pawn to the aircraft actor using “Attach to Actor” with all settings to “keep relative”

This first implementation was terrible (the camera would lurch forward several frames behind within the cockpit as it accelerated), and slowly catch back up to aircraft as it decelerated.

I modified the project settings to “Fixed Frame Rate” of 90fps, and also set my sequence units to 90fps.

This second implementation was better, but the camera will still lag behind any time the cockpit initially accelerated and then correctly maintain it’s relative position.

I tried modifying the animation to straight interpolation rather than curves, which again helped but the relative position would be lost at any inflection point.

Wondering if this is a bug in the implementation of “Lock to HMD” for the camera, and if so if there’s a workaround solution.

I ended up attaching both the aircraft actor and the pawn actor to a camera rail, which solved the issue, but is a bit of a hack.