Attaching Camera to Character Head in C++

hi! ive been having one of the most frustrating time of my life lol, i literally just started up unreal engine and what I want to do is to attach the camera to the character head, and also add head bobbing while walking and running. but i cant seem to change the camera because it is inherited?? Pls help me :frowning:

Can you provide more information?
For instance, how is your character set up? Which is the code that is causing the issue?

i cant seem to change the camera

Can you be more clear of what is the problem that you are running into?

Hey there, you make the camer a child class of the mesh, on the parent socket pick head bone. For the head bobbing look at camera shakes.

CameraComp->SetupAttachment(GetMesh()); Do This At RunTime Is Will Make The Camera A Child Of The Mesh

Cant seem to parent the camera to a socket

What happens? If you use that then it should attach to the root of the mesh.