Attaching an actor to another after trigger

I am working on a bowling game and trying to create a pin setter. I have a pinsetter animation, which works fine, but I wanted to have the pins attach to the pinsetter object after hitting the trigger, then have the pins rise up with the pinsetter. Once the animation moves to place the pins back, detach the pins. I would like to do this using a blueprint. I was thinking I could make some kind of a parent/child linking and then just breaking the link, but I haven’t found a way to do this. I also looked into attaching an actor to another, but still I can’t get it to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

below is some pictures of a system i made to pickup then re-place the pins. its pretty basic i move the pinsetter volume via a timeline for easy movement. when the pinsetter reaches its lowest position i get all overlapping actors of the pin type, add them to an array, and attach them to the pinsetter. then i reverse the timeline. to place the pins back down i just do the reverse: timeline to the bottom position, get the array, for each detach from actor, reverse timeline. you will need to be careful of the settings on the attach to and detach from actor as this can give odd results. also im not sure if it matters (it may) but for the pinsetter bp i had the collision volume as the root. hope this helps good luck

edit: i didnt set the do once up correctly so you will need to fix that part.


Thanks for the answer. I was able to get it to work a bit with Attach to actor, but it appears to change the physics after it detaches. I can’t knock the pins down anymore. Please tell me if you ran into this and how you solved it.

Thanks again!

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I never tried the physics aspec since the question wasnt about that. But if the physics is being changed somehiw then first confirm that its actually the physics then if it is you could simplly set physics just after the detach node or call a event on the pin if its a bo

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That is my plan exactly. Thanks