Attaching Actors from distance with diffrent movement speed

Hello everyone, I have the following problem:
The goal is to be able to grab certain objects from a distance and then move them with a smooth handling via the controllers.
Currently I have reworked the standard VR template and am able to grab objects from a distance and attach them to my controller. Now when I turn my hands the object moves according to it. But of course with the speed with which the controller is moved. How can I adjust this speed? I want it to be like a kind of force grab like in star wars, so i guess you now what i mean now. Theoretically my object just have to follow my controller a little bit delayed, but how the object does not move itself, but is attached. Is that perhaps the error? To solve the problem using the attachment method?

Hope someone can help me.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

■■■■ nobody?