Attaching actor to "hand" breaks collision?

Using motion controllers I have it so my player can pick up an item (actor) and this attaches (AttachToComponent) that item to the hand mesh. Then with the other hand I do the same thing, pick up item, with a different item. Now I need to be able to know when the player takes those two items together, aka the items touch/overlap one another. Think of that weird monkey toy that smashes two cymbals together how would I know when the cymbals smash? Neither hit events nor overlap events are triggering, I have tried several different things with no luck.


For collision this is working as intended. UE4 wasn’t really designed (initially) for VR so they figured you would never need collision with attached objects. You should still get overlap events though. Try unchecking weld on the attach node, and also check that your objects can generate overlap events in their settings.

Nope overlap and hit doesn’t work. However I just discovered that if you use the “Trigger” setting for collision it will work. Only trigger works however, I can’t get anything else to work in 4.14, so that’s good news that there is still an easy way to achieve this.