Attached actor's relative transform can not be replicated when ‘simulate physics’ is enabled

In my project, I wanted to make some pickable objects, and those objects can be sticked together to build another complicated unit. So I spawned an actor named container, and attached the “A” “B” “C” child actors to it, just like the belowing picture .

All the four (or more) actors were inherited from StaticMeshActor. So they all had a static mesh for their root component. And by the blueprint node “attach to component”, they sticked together with their relative location and rotation unchanged. Then I enabled “simulate physics” on container actor’s mesh. I want to see them falling down and bouncing and rolling together, and I want to pick them up as a combination unit. Everything were right on server, but not on client.
I have replicated their mesh and movement. If I turn off “simulate physics”, the four actor will stand on their right place immediately! But when “simulate physics” is enabled, A B and C actors will overlap at the origin of container’s coordinate without any rotation.
I have even tried to change all the actors into Actor instead of StaticMeshActor. But “simulate physics” and relative transformation were still in conflict. What shall I do?

Is there anyone can help me?Please!

I am still stuck on this trouble. Who can help me?