Attached actor collision bug

I am experiencing a weird error with attached objects. I am trying to make a forklift module for my modular robot. Module is a Pawn with a Skeletal Mesh, where the root is simulated and the fork is kinematic. It works relatively fine when the module is not attached, but with module attached collisions behave very weirdly: There is an extra invisible collider of the root that appears to be a normal root collider that was turned -90 degrees around Y axis, and shifted 10cm down. The collider is not visible with collision drawing enabled, however it’s blocking both static and dynamic meshes.


Here you can see the blocks that are standing on the invisible collider.

P.S.: a bit off-topic, but is it possible to make kinematic bones collide with static objects? it seems like no matter what i try they don’t.

After some browsing for solutions found out that pxvis collision displays the colliders i mention, but the default collision draw doesn’t.

here you can see the image withoud pxvis:

and here with:

Now it seems like the collision is turned around the socket that is used to attach the forklift. If it is of any importance, both models were imported from Blender.

apparently, the issue is about four years old, and still appearing under different circumstances.


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