Attach to socket doesn't work on other clients

Please give me some help.
I’m a noob and trying to make a multiplayer game with some creatures that can be mounted by players (now they can only possess and attach to a socket). When server attaches to a creature, everything works correctly from all sides, but when client attaches to a creature, other clients see this character falling down through the ground (i.e. character isn’t attached to socket, but collision is disabled). Please tell me why does this happen?
(Not a native speaker)


That works correctly. You need to do it on server side.

If you will do attaching on client side it will allow to explict cheat.

So you will need to send input from client to server and check if player can do it and than do it.

Same way most of your networking code should be done.

Thank you very much! I coded this way. Now characters attach correctly! But collision problem was solved by setting gravity scale to 0 on clients while mounting.