Attach Spawned AI To Path/Spline

I have made an *Enemy AI *that begins in the world. I have also made a BP_Patrol Path. The Enemy AI has an exposed variable called Patrol Path. Once the *Enemy AI *is placed in the world I can

select my patrol path (BP_Patrol Path) from my exposed variable (Patrol Path).
This works fine but I want the Enemy AI to be spawned into the world at a certain point. I have looked at ways to get my *Enemy AI *to recognise the patrol path upon spawning but cannot work it out.

In short, I need my exposed variable, Patrol Path to select my BP_Patrol Path when the *Enemy AI *spawns into the world ?

This image is from my Enemy AI’s details panel when in world in editor. Here I can select Enemy AI and set Patrol Path to BP_Patrol Path. How do I get this to happen upon spawning at run time ?