Attach Ragdoll to a Parent Component

I’m working with a vive headset/motion controllers, and I need to attach a 3rd person skeletal mesh. I’d like it to just be a ragdoll with its head attached to the HMD, the hands attached to the motion controllers, and the feet attached to a an existing foot component that just follows the HMD around. However, i’m having some issues attaching a ragdolled mesh to anything; it just flops to the floor as soon as physics is enabled.

Is this possible?

PS: yes, I’m aware I could use IK to do this task

Were you able to find a solution for this yet?

No. I ended up just making an animated mesh which I attach to the camera and then I’m using ik for the hands and feet. Though I suspect that setting bWeldPhysicsBodies on attachment might make this possible