attach camera to a animated mesh

I am trying to make a simple roller coaster ride. I animated a cube with one joint in maya and exported the animation to unreal.
Then I parented a socket to the root bone and used this blueprint to attach the camera to the socket.

This works fine in normal mode, but when in VR mode when I rotate my head, I will fly all around the scene.
It seems like it keeps the pivot of the head model at world origin and when I rotate my head, the camera moves around a pivot that is really far away from where the camera is.
Did anybody experienced the same problem or does somebody knows a solution for this?

Slightly “hacky” but for one of my projects, I animated a spotlight in matinee, and attached the player to the spotlight. (Something similar may work with attaching the player to a static mesh(coaster cart) + applying an offset).

How did you attached the player to the spotlight?

Used that same “attach to” node (or one of the nodes with “attach” in the title… “attach actor to actor?”)