Atmospheric Fog use in Composure


I have a scene with a static image background media plate, a 3D landscape, and some foreground static media plates in composure. I wanted to use atmospheric fog to affect just the landscape distance and sky plate, so I assigned it to the layer with the 3D landscape. The Composure order from back to front is Background Plate (sky), Landscape (geo), and Foreground Plate (some detailed 2d images).
When I turn on the atmospheric fog in a composure camera, looks like there’s a weird band of color that bleeds all over the the entire composure like a polaroid that’s overexposed/burned at the edge (sun is offscreen to the left… and that’s where the burn is). Is there a specific order I need to assign my fog to in order to have it affect the distance? Should it be its own layer? Curiously I when I adjust fog values it seems work, but just ‘underneath’ this weird color band that appears. (it washes out all the darks). If I turn off the atmospheric fog the entire effect disappears… if anyone has experience with using Atmospheric fog in Composure, I’d be really appreciative.