Atmospheric fog not updating during play


I’ve attached my atmospheric fog as a child of my directional light so that when I rotate the sun, the atmosphere rises and sets. This works really well while editing but the atmospheric fog stops updating during PIE if the directional light rotates. Is there something else I have to do to get it to update during play?

Edit: to be a bit more specific, I make heavy use of the Atmospheric Fog Color sampler material node, it also doesn’t seem to be updating.

Edit again: Okay, it actually seems to be updating but a lot of the colours I’m sampling are quite different during play. Here’s the exact same scene twice:

In editor (right):

Play in editor (wrong):

Edit again again: it’s also not the auto-exposure. I tried fixing it and the atmosphere changes hue quite a lot between editor and play.

So I guess I fixed it somehow. I have no idea how. Can’t get my sexy pink back but now the editor and PIE are in sync. :slight_smile: