Atmospheric Fog Color instruction error?

I recently made use of the Atmospheric Fog Color node in a material, and noticed that it added 400+ instructions to the material’s final count. I’m just curious if this is normal? It doesn’t seem like a feature that should be that heavy (I lose massive FPS as well). Anyone else tinkered with this node and have insight here?

Yeah, it’s normal for that count to be that high. My guess is that it has to do some kind of lighting sample pass, which would add on a lot of instructions. Normally, lighting doesn’t occur until after materials are processed into their Gbuffer channels and the fog isn’t added to the scene until almost the end of the rendering chain.

Gotcha, thanks for shedding some light on that (har har). I was worried that I had some other issue going on. I’ve been looking for some alternative to this, but have been coming up empty handed.