Atmospheric Fog and Sky Color

So I started messing around with atmospheric fog and I really like it as it helps show distance on far away objects however there’s one thing I really don’t like about it. The current level I’m working on has a really cool sunset sky, orange, purple and yellow colors but when I add fog to the level it washes out the sky and makes it a white / grey color. Is there a way to have fog but not have it effect the sky?

Any help would be much appreciated!

What i understand is you have an atmospheric fog and you add an exponential height fog into the level, but you dont want the exponential height fog to occlude the atmospheric fog’s horizon colors? If that’s the case decrease Fog Max Opacity value of the exp. height fog to something like 0.2 and see if looks as you like.

Omg, I didn’t even know about the exponential height fog, adding that and removing the atmospheric fog fixed my problem. Thanks a bunch lol.