Atmospheric Fog and Exponential Height Fog

After reading the documentation and watching several tutorial videos a little confused as to why you might choose Atmospheric Fog over Exponential height Fog.

Is Atmospheric Fog a simplified version of Exponential height Fog, or has it been deprecated in favor of the latter?

Sky Atmosphere is the new Atmospheric Fog, has most/all of its settings + more. Exponential Height Fog is utilized for things like light rays, volumetric fog, a thicker / more flexibly adaptable ground fog, and other things. Sky Atmosphere is for atmospheric scattering simulation to get different skies, atmosphere effects like haziness, and simulating pollution. The SunSky actor comes with a Sky Atmosphere that is connected to time-of-day functionality.


Thanks for clarifying.

Comin at this topic with the 2.6 update–

Do I understand correctly that Exponential Height Fog is not meant to act/react to the dynamic sun/sky positioning? Given the skyLight is updating realtime now, I’m expecting the exponential height fog should also react to the light, but I just see the same blue haze no matter what position the sun is in.

I’ll answer my own question with this vid, hopefully this helps someone else out who had the same question.