Atmospheric and Exponential Fog together cause Translucency problems.

After playing with the 2 Fog Options without satisfying results I decided to try using both of them and I love the result!
The Atmospheric Fog gives a great look to distant surroundings, something that the Exponential Fog didn’t quite get right and the Exponential Fog really helps to set the mood of the Foggy Deep Jungle look I’m going for.

Keeping both of them however, results in Translucency getting really “confused” and not receiving Fog. :frowning:
Is there anything I can do about this?

Maybe somebody has created some sort of Volumetric Fog I can use instead of Exponential?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Translucency use vertex fog instead of per pixel fog. Check out that you have high enough tesselation for translucent meshes to not get artefacts.

My meshes are fine. Vertex fog gets disabled altogether when both Fog versions are being used.