Asynchronous Multiplayer Advice Needed

hi there,

im looking for a design advice regarding implementing a system similar to dark souls blood steins / player messages or Death Stranding’s player signs. the game takes notes of locations of where players have died, or where they placed signs, and displays them back to other players without having a direct real time connection. (for example it updates those at level entry, or specific triggers)

what would be the best way to go about achieving something similar? I’ve been doing some research and my best current idea is to use an online database where i write data to it (player death location) and i read back that data on other standalone clients and display it.

is that a good way of doing it? or im i over-complicating it with online databases and there is far cheaper techniques? is there a way to use the unreal engine native replication system to achieve this without having a requirement for real-time connectivity? whats the cheapest solution to something like this?

Using a DB can sound extreme, but it depends on how much data you’ll need to store.

If the server runs 24/7 and the data points aren’t huge then you can store them in a struct/array in the game mode. If the server shuts down, then you lose that data.

Personally I’d use a DB. You’ll probably end up having one anyway. MP games generally do for account data, stats etc.