Asymetric Character Details?

Hey everyone,
I am currently working on some customization options for my project and I wanted to add things like body scars, makeup, and other decorations to the player if they wanted them.

My problem is that the base texture for both sides of the body are shared to save on texture cost. Is there a way to apply a second texture to the model on one side without it repeating on the other while still allowing the current base texture?

Thank you for your time!

Hi! Create second UV channel for your model and make additional texture set that fits it. Blend both texture sets in a material (color, normals, ao, roughness - everything you need). Add Texture coordinate node for additional textures and set there Coordinate index=1. Of course, it has some cost - more memory, more instructions in a shader.

Would it be better to ramp the texture up to 4k