Asus tuf gaming f15 is good laptop?

I’m thinking buying a Asus tuf gaming f15 and I saw many complaint in this forum for Asus. So I want to ask a few question for Asus tuf users…

(My laptop’s specs bottom of text)
(Please only Asus tuf users answer this questions)

1-) Asus tuf gaming f15 series has really big problems? (Overheat, technical problems etc.)

2-) This laptop enough for beginner ue4 projects? (generally 3d games)

3-) This laptop enough for 3d rendering

4-) I found same specs has a acer laptop (with i7-11800h). Should I buy it?

Laptop specs:
Processor : i5-11400h (2,7 GHz) x6 cores
Graphic Card : Rtx 3050ti (60+15w) 4gb vram
Ram : 16 (1x16) 3200 MHz DDR4

Hello @anonymous_user_12ba053d!

This is my TUF:

And now It has 40gb ram

About graphics is amazing, but if you want to compile shaders… look for cores!! MORE MORE :smiley:

for ue4 that is more than enough.

issues with high end gaming laptops is that they always push the limits and some time they may fail miserable.

you should keep track of what people are saying about a particular model.

I’ve had an Asus gaming laptop a few years ago, which failed a few months out of warranty with no way for me to fix it. The budget to repair it was like 40% of the price of a new, way better specs, gaming laptop. So I’ve bought that instead. not Asus off course, I will not touch them again.

If possible, if you don’t need the power on the go, best to get a normal PC build, if something breaks, you can replace it without too much trouble, you can even upgrade it down the line.


I agree, the number of cores matters seriously
If you need a laptop well, mine is 3070 i7, I’m happy yes… but SHADERS because the number of cores1


Yes oviously this is a very good choice. You can get this laptop. My cousin already playing games on this laptops. He purchased the Core i5 variant 11th Generation. Its very cool and looks like very premium.

performance wise it seems pretty good for running UE4/5.
My asus tuf f15 gaming laptop hasn’t had issues. Mine has ran UE5, Unity, Blender, and Clip Studio at the same time with no issues. I would recommend their Rog Strix Scar series. Someone I know had one and it was amazing.

I dunno about the F15 but the A15 is amazing! Bought it about a couple months ago. I had to push my budget to actually buy this laptop but it was worth it! My specs are:

AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX OC
Nvidia RTX 3060 6gb GDDR6 Laptop GPU
16GB RAM (I’m really looking forward to upgrading it because 16 is NOT enough for me)
512gb + 1TB NVMe SSDs

I’m mostly a person that works on visually realistic worlds and stuff and even though the 6gb VRAM kinda sometimes isn’t enough (I pushed my budget to get 6gb, 8gb 3070 was out of question), it still works pretty darn great! The laptop that WAS in my budget had a 2060… but I knew it wouldnt be enough so I pushed for a 3060. but I’d say it was well worth it!

anything but 32gb ram