Hello everyone we have great news.
The game has a new name ASTORUS, yeah, legal issues of course. but is all good. we love it.
The most amazing thing I can announce right now is, we are making the game for PS4 and Vita,
oh yes, we have the Dev Kits and been testing it for a while, the game looks great on the PS4 and
on a huge TV, we’re very excited about this.

We are also now streaming the development of the game on twitch, on weekdays at 4 pm MDT.
check us out here

This game is moving fast and I’m grateful for everything, specially for you, that have told us that we are doing
a good job, thank you.

—WIP UPDATE 07 — >** Astoroids - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

—WIP UPDATE 06 — >** Astoroids - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

—WIP UPDATE 05 — >** Astoroids - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

—WIP UPDATE 04 — >** Astoroids - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

—WIP UPDATE 03 — >** Astoroids - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
—WIP UPDATE 02 — >** Astoroids - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Please check out the video and the images, leave a comment and/or suggestion if you feel like it, all feedback helps.



I dig it, nice rocks, they look cool with the dynamic lights!

pretty nice concept, the gravity is really nicely applied, but how did you handled the gravity on the torus shape ? if you can explain with few words i am curious to know :wink:

Looking really cool. Love the way you have the playing field setup.

That’s pretty neat, especially since if you extrapolate the original asteroids map into 3d, it’s a torus as well.

really nice

Hey guys
thanks for the nice comments, and yes, asteroids the original game, the wrapping effect if you bend that is actually a torus that’s where the idea came from

about the gravity, I’m actually cheating big time hehe, is not doing any physics at all, I rigged the ship to rotate in 2 axis instead of moving X Y like in a plane, this one just rotates X Y and works really great hehe, I spend a few days trying to make the player stick to the surface but it wasn’t working so I used my Animation and rigging knowledge| problem solving skills and came up with this solution which is WAY Simpler and super easy.

I’ll document how I did it in a tutorial later.

Again thanks for the comments and I’ll be posting updates as I develop here.


Very cool!
A very interesting spin on an old concept.
Looking forward to seeing more varomix!

Would really like to see it like this:

instead of a torus. It’s a lot of fun still though :wink:

I don’t know if you noticed but those rocks are from the effects cave demo :slight_smile:

I like this, yeah, doing the wireframe is kinda a nod to all atari games like Battlezone and star wars that used that style

Yea it’s i believe what people need, Elders (gaming wise) to remember that good game period and new guys to find something new. There are lots of old games that were remade but didn’t cut it mainly I believe because they were made for profit. Those games if they are re-made or made in a similar manner and are fun it is a gold mine.

Never the less i liked what i saw and i would like to see something in a more of a “bumpy” plane too with some curves. believe it could be fun.

~Chris I.

I like it a lot , just in my opinion it would be more fun if the torus was much larger to make it feel more spacious , but that’s just what i feel :slight_smile:
Great work !

well I plan to have several level so, maybe I can grow the size of the “world” as you progress

thanks for your feedback

Looks great :smiley: Can you go into detail as to how you made your skybox? I spoke with you previously and you mentioned it was a sphere with spherical texture applied, but I’m curious how you generated the texture and UV skinned the sphere.

This looks great! I’d tone the lens flares down a bit though for sure

well I just mapped an image that has information at the center, not at the poles so it works on a sphere cause the pinching at the poles is not visible, again, since is just black there.

Totally agree, already did that plus a couple more changes


Astorois WIP 02

Ok I made some updates to the game

Improvements from my last update

  • Particle exhausts
  • Now the ship changes to a overlap material when hit
  • The ship rotates when turning
  • Player Health bar
  • also added a score

a few tweaks here and there, dimmed the lens flares

Thanks everyone for your nice comments
Here’s a video


Asteroids on a whole new level. :slight_smile: Awesome music as well.