Asterisk next to level name

I have migrated my project from 4.14 to 4.15 and since then every time I open my level in editor there is asterisk next to the name of the level as if something has been changed within the level. I save it again (asterisk goes away) and open it again (in editor) and there is asterisk again. What may be causing this?

There is a possibility that it happens if I set my main landscape material the same mat that I use for the hole material. Can someone help me about it?

I had something similar. It went away when I right clicked the containing folder and selected “Resave All”

The folder containing the level or the landscape material? I did for both but didn’t work. Everytime I open the level it becomes unsaved.

Are you using source control? I can’t say for certain but I think that happened to me before because the file was locked for modification (using perforce) and so it couldn’t actually save without being checked out.

No, the save function works. The level can be saved. But right after that, sometimes after a few seconds an “*” appears next to the level name as if I did some editting.