Assyrian 3D Environment Showcase in Unreal Engine 5

I created this Environment in Unreal Engine 5 using my own modelled assets, Quixle Megascans assets and 3D scans from The British Museum. It was a pleasure working in Unreal Engine 5 with the Lumen lighting system and nanite!

See High-Quality video on YouTube: Semiramis' Courtyard [Assyrian/Babylon Inspired 3D Environment | UNREAL ENGINE 5] - YouTube

See High-Quality still frames on ArtStation: ArtStation - Semiramis' Courtyard | Assyrian 3D Environment Diorama | Unreal Engine 5


Greetings, @nanonansy, and thank you for sharing this amazing 3D environment here in the Unreal Forums! You did a fantastic job capturing the mesmerizing exquisiteness of Assyrian/Babylonian architecture.

Kudos to you and everyone involved in making this quality showcase!

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Thank you so much!

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