Assigning different materials to same mesh used multiple times

Hi guys,

I’m preparing an environment for an art gallery in which I have designed mesh in blender which is actually a square canvas. In the canvas there is a sub square area with in which I want to show painting(s).

I have tried to make the mesh and assign the painting snap in the sub square of canvas in blender and then save it as FBX for UE4, works fine but is there any easy way to do it. Like I import the canvas mesh into UE4 and then in UE4 some how assign the painting as material. So like i will put multiple instances of mesh but each one of them will have a separate painting.

Hi, CreativeArch.

Is it something like this you are wanting to do?
If so, you can just change the texture when you select the object within the editor; like so.

This way you would just create 1 object, and as many textures as you need.

Hope this helps, Tom.

Nope, not the thing you attached and explained. Here I have attached the screen shot. You see there are two canvases. I made them in blender with borders textured. I want to use canvas multiple times but the only thing I want to change is the painting in the canvas.

At the moment for every painting I have to export the canvas with different texture as FBX and then import that canvas along with painting image, redefine the material of painting in UE4 and then place the canvas. So in essence I have to bring n number of canvases along with there paintings.

I was wondering if I can just bring one blank canvas and import all the paintings and then place the canvas along with changed painting.

Forgive the modelling, but it’'s the same idea.

In blender you separate the material like so, then import it into unreal. (You don’t need to colour or anything, this is just for reference)

Import all the canvas textures that you need into unreal and create some materials. One for the frame, and one for every canvas you need.

Then you apply the textures like I showed before.

AWESOME, thanks million, I was so much stuck up with blender material setting that I totally forgot that in UE4 you can easily access it.

Solved my problems :slight_smile:

Not a problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

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