Assign metahuman control rig

Is there any way that i can use metahuman facial and body rig to another skeletal mesh?
I have open inside maya a metahuman character.
Then i move some joints but i did’t change the names or the hierarchy. Everything is the same.
I use another head and body and copied the skins and transfer also the blendshapes.
So basically its the same metahuman that i download but with different topology different uvs and vrtx ids.
I also project and created new alpha maps for the wrinkles. So inside Maya everything works great and for hand animation or even importing and connecting cvs data from the iphone.
My question is that is there any way that i can export from maya the correct skeleton with the new mesh and imported in Unreal and connect there the control rig?
If yes what joints should i select for exporting and what i have to do inside unreal.
Thank you

Just select your new Mesh and all the skeleton of face and export it and it should work

I did a test just for the face.
I select just the joints of head plus the new head.
Then i exported it as an fbx and import it inside unreal.
I choose import weights and skeleton, then where is the slot where i choose the head control rig?