Assign materials to a static mesh UV map from Maya

Hi, Im a beginner with UE and im trying to model an object in maya and show it in UE. So ive finished designing it and ive rearranged the UV map so you can see each face. I then sent the model to UE (I assume the UV map got sent too) and it appeared in the imports folder. I cant seem to find how to actually texture the object in UE. The model shows up fine but I cant find where the UV map is and how I would assign materials to the UV map. Any help is appreciated and please be clear because im new to UE

You need to import your texture and create a new material. Then assign your material to your object.

(simply drag and drop on the model in the view port OR open the asset and define the default material)

You can find a basic tutorial that explain how material work basicly → Intro to Materials: Overview | 01 | v4.0 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Honestly it’s pretty simple if you just want to asign a texture (you’ll see how in the video) to a material, but material can become really complexe depend on your need. With this serie you’ll be able to do all the basic stuff that you need.

have a good day and let me know if that help you!

When you say import your texture do you mean import the UV map? i can get the UV map in a .png and colour it in but i would prefer it if i can just assign one of the materials that already come with UE, like steel for one part and rock for another

A texture is an image, your UV are already stock inside your asset. Feel free to try material that come with the starter pack, but you’ll need to have more than this eventually.

If I understand well you want to assign two material for one mesh?