Assign a material to multiple static meshes


Is there a way to assign a material to all selected static meshes?

Selecting multiple meshes and dragging the material onto one of them applies it only to that mesh.

In the Details panel, Materials rollout, if there are multiple materials per element, they are collapsed with a message that says “Display n materials”. If you hover over that message, a tooltip pops out saying “Drag and drop a material here to replace all materials”.

Unfortunately, doing that achieves nothing.

I checked for a keyboard shortcut that might achieve this, but there’s nothing there either.

This seems like it should be a simple Right-click Material > Apply to Selected option, but I cannot find anything for the life of me.

Any help would be fantastic. Thank you.

Select all static meshes you want to apply the material to.

Then in the Content Browser click on the material you want to use.

Then in the Details panel click on the arrow under the materials:

Thank you for your response. Using the arrow only applies it to that element of that mesh. The only time that would work is if all those meshes already shared the same material.

I need to apply it to all elements of all selected meshes, regardless of what material they have currently applied to them.