assets still in game after being deleted from editor,how to fix?

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I built 6 houses using assets from a fortnite gallery on UEFN,they are the galleries that come with the program UEFN on read only.
i deleted these from my outline and deleted ingame BUT whenever they are NOT loaded in they show ingame and whenever my streaming source gets close enough to ‘load’ them in,they disappear… on the UEFN editor they are always invisible and there is no sign of them nowhere on the outliner,i tried respawning galleries and it doesn’t work…

i did ‘build’ hlods once before deleting these houses made from galleries but i got rid of all hlod’s results i have only default hlod on map.

Steps to Reproduce

went in a uefn session
went in a private island code
houses are still not visible when in streaming source
and houses are visible when outside streaming source

Expected Result

no houses should be shown because i deleted them all.

Observed Result

houses are still showing when outside a streaming source ,never visible on the editor



Island Code


Additional Notes

i havent published this version yet. this bug is not visisble on the public island code i submited above

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I had a few HLOD anomalies, ended up deleting the HLOD file from Content Browser and making another one from the right click menu > World > HLOD layer.
It seemed to work.