[ASSETS] Replication and Networking Tutorial Project (Blueprint)


I have made a quick project that I believe will help with learning about networking in UE4.

It’s fairly simple game where you have a ball you can roll around with physics, you can change the color of the ball with C, control with WASD and scale and zoom with mouse wheel.

Teaches you how to setup camera controls, apply input and force to a physics enabled pawn and then replicate that to the server without using the built in replicated movement.
The movement and scale is handled client-side so even with 500 ping it will be smooth and instant for local player.
Everything is basically in the BoxPawn.

Check it out, it’s only 3.3 MB :slight_smile:

Hope it helps someone!

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Thanks man, this will certainly gonna help me a lot :slight_smile:

Excellent project! Thanks for sharing.

nice demo, thanks for sharing

Dude, you’re a legend.

It helped a LOOOOOT. Thanks very much!!!