Assets containing C++ code

Can you not include the relevant C++ files with your assets in the asset part of the store?


I am currently working on a game and I would like to publish some of the assets and props on the marketplace. The problem is I programmed most of the functionalities in C++.

I saw there is the possibility to upload Code Plugins, but, when I browse through the Code Plugins section in the Marketplace, I see no example of prop/asset packs. All seem to be pure Blueprint.

What should I do?

  1. Re-implement all functionality and base classes in Blueprint? (a bit complicated, as I have a lot programmed in the base classes, including interaction, safety checks, replication, etc)
  2. Create a Code Plugin for each asset or asset pack? (I wonder if anyone will use it like this)
  3. Publish lighter versions of the assets separately, and, maybe, include all later in a Complete Project or Code Plugin?
  4. Another solution that I did not find yet?

Thank you for your help.

I thought that is not possible, but maibe I understood it all wrong. In Marketplace Content Guidelines, source code is only mentioned under 2.6 Code Plugins section. Also, at 2.7 File Structure, the difference is made only between Content Only and Code Plugins. So, as there are no guidelines for mixed content, I assumed that everyhgint that is not Content Only is Code Plugin.

Did you ever figure this one out? Have you gotten any answer from Epic on it? I’m also considering submitting mixed content and would like to know how it is handled.

No. I did not ask Epic. I just converted everything I could to blueprints.

Ok, thanks. I’ll contact Epic about it and will comment here when I get an answer.

Hi, Monokkel! Any news from Epics?)