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With AssetBuilder Tools](AssetBuilder Tools in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) you can easily align and snap Actors together in Unreal Engine Viewport using simple tools like in 3ds max. Align objects in the selected sequence. Also you can create bunch of objects using Array tool. Especially useful for working with modular assets without worrying about grid, pivot and alignment and Architecture projects as well.

Marketplace $19.99](AssetBuilder Tools in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)


  • Align objects between each others
  • Simple creating bunch of objects with useful parameters (transform, rotate, scale)
  • Align objects in the selected sequence to fast changes position objects in a row
  • Array objects using spline
  • Follow mode for following the spline

How it works:

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Code Modules: AssetBuilder Tools (Editor)
Number of Blueprints: 0
Number of C++ Classes: 7
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Win32, Win64, Linux, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: None (Editor-only)

Additional video for Alignment tool:

Hmm. Neat tool. Would it be possible to select all the static meshes in a map and scale them while keeping their relativity to each other, instead of them scaling just on their own point, essentially scaling a map? I think that’s something a lot of people would love to see.

O, thanks for the idea. I think we definitely should implement this functionality in the next version

I’ve seen the question of scaling a map come up a lot and been shot down. I’ve personally felt a lot of frustration from the lack of that feature. If you could possibly make a version of your tool for 4.14 (UT is stuck in early 4.15), the Unreal Tournament mapping community would jump at it.

In the alignment tool what does “one to one” function i understand min max, pivot etc. Also i understand the alignment one by one first x then y and z. Is there a doability, to align two meshes simultaneusly in x, y or x,y,x?

Also for suggestion, in the array tool there could be an offset feature. And in the array tool again, there could be an multidimensional (not just x) dublication. It is replicating the mesh in just one direction isnt it. For ex if i wanted to make copies in x xoordinate then i want to make these copies copied to y coordinate. (A grid formation) In this version i am doing first for x, and merging it. And taking the merged mesh for y with the array tool. In short adding this functionality will be good.

Thanks for your feedback.

  • “one to one” function will be rebuild and it will me simple to use. Also we will add functionality to align by all axis as well. now you can align two meshes simultaneously in x, y or x,y,z if you need
  • an array tool has offset feature. just click “One to One” checkbox:

  • multidimensional array will be avalible in the next update

Also one of the features will comming in the next update is the auto grouping array objects

But its offsetting linearly, I mean take for ex 10 cubes first is 100 unr units above the other 50 below, there could be an offsett array that could make these 10 cubes offsets randomly in the given array min10 max 200 or min -50 (below) max 150 (above)

Hi Very Interested, any chance of it being made 4:19 compatible?
Paul G

yep, it will be available on other versions soon

I’m not sure than I understand you correct. Can you show some example?

**Vesion 1.1 **(14 Feb 2019)

Good news!

Now our plugin is available for 4.19, 4.20 and 4.21 versions

I just bought the plugin and tested out the Alignment Tool. It seems to work well with StaticMeshActor types but it doesn’t work for SkeletalMeshActors :frowning: … any idea why? Same issue with the ArrayTool.

Does it work with only StaticMeshActors?

hi. At this moment it works only with static meshes. SkeletalMeshActors will be implemented in the next update. It will be available soon

I’m glad to inform you that now working with Skeletal Mesh is available in AssetBuilder Tools. Please update your plugin

I have this enabled in engine 4.21 but installed 4.22 here. Since this isn’t updated yet for 4.22, I was wondering if you intention is to do so or if its already been submitted to Epic and its just in the works ? In the meantime, I’m just going to remove for now, which I’ve done.
I started 4.22 and it copied my 4.21project witt world machine and all levels contained, no errors.

My project loads, but no levels show up in level tab for world comp, no surprise somehow on copy from 4.21 into 4.22, 4.22 engine unticked ‘enable world composition’, and I suspect a bug, as I’ve never had this happen before- 4.22 changed and added alot.

I know worldcomp isn’t your expertise, but I thought since I removed temporarily your plugin , that maybe this is responsible for the oddities I’m seeing. I’lll ask on main forum as well.


Hi. Thanks for your question. Your problem is definitely not connected with our plugin. And yes, we will update plugin to 4.22 version

Well thats not really coming up with the cause - if the errors I got that your plugin was not allowing me to go to new engine 4.22,isn’t the problem, and I’ve never seen that error before, what would have caused it ? I’m afraid to go anywhere near your plugin for fear of having this issue again, so a more direct answer might be helpful :slight_smile:

can you describe your problem? Show what error do you have. Now it is hard to understand what exactly is going on