Asset pointer UPROPERTY slate widget

When a class or struct has a member variable of a type of pointer to an asset type (say, a UAnimMontage* or UDataTable*), when Unreal generates a GUI to edit this class (for example, in the class defaults of the blueprint editor), the widget for editing this variable is a very feature rih combo box that lists all assets of that type in the project, has a search bar, renders previews…

The question is, what is the Slate widget class for this combo box? Does it exist? If I am creating a UI of my own using slate for a custom tool, and I have an asset pointer as part of the data that the tool works with, can I easily expose it to the UI using the same widget Unreal uses by default for asset pointer member variables with the UPROPERTY macro?

You can check SGraphPinObject class and several with it inside Editor\GraphEditor\KismetPins\