Asset migration errors

Opened the PivotPainter.umap map example in the Content Examples demo

Selected the bendy tree ‘tree_2’. (see screenshot).

Migrated tree_2 to a new FirstPerson Blueprint project.

After rebuilding lighting in new project I get 3 errors and 6 warnings (see screenshot).

Could you explain why these errors/warnings occur and how to fix/avoid them in future?


Hi ash22,

I just tested this in 4.4 and I didn’t get the same errors that you did. Which version of the editor are you currently using?

Also, open the tree in the Static Mesh editor and under Static Mesh Settings make sure the Light Map Resolution is set to 32 and the Light Map Coordinate is 1.

I am using 4.4 (4.4.0 - 2255576).

The Light Map Resolution is 32 and the Light Map Coordinate is 1.

Fyi, I get no errors when building the lighting for the PivotPainter.umap example whilst in the Content Demo project.

The errors only occur after migrating the asset to a new project.

Hi TJ, I solved the issue. It had nothing to do with the migration.

There are several ‘zombie’ meshes in my outliner that I deleted from my scene some time ago (using Force Delete) and they are confusing the lighting build.

I really have to find a safer way to delete objects with forcing it.
I now delete from the scene instead of the ContentBrowser which does update the SceneOutliner.

If you can find all of the references in the level and in blueprints, delete them first, you should then be able to delete the asset without force delete. I’ve been there before though, sometimes it’s difficult to find all of the references.

Indeed, that is what I just figured out and have have started doing.
The reference viewer does help to get you there.

The [Replace Reference] option also looks like it could be of use, but I always start laughing when I read that
‘Monty Python’-esque sentence and forget what I’m supposed to be doing:

“Select and asset to serve as the asset to consolidate the non-selected asset to. This will replace all uses of the non-selected assets below with the selected asset…”

(Homer Simpson): " …do what with the what now ?"

Yeah, that is worded a bit oddly huh. :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can do something about that.