Asset looks different in blueprint compared to in game

Hey Internet,

I’m setting up a building blueprint and running into to trouble.

I’ve added grime and dirt decals to my building and in the blueprint it looks as I would like it to.

however when looking at the building in game the decals are very faded and overall the buildings “saturation” lets say is not how it looks in the blueprint editor.

Any idea on how i can get what is in my blueprint viewport in game??

on the left is the blueprint on the right is in game

Thats normal. The blueprint has different lighting then the level.
you have to fix your levels lighting.

Thanks for your reply! Do you know if its possible to change the lighting setup inside the blueprint editor so that it match the lighting in game?

Not sure. You can probably change some presets, but it is overall pointless since the blueprints or even the Mesh view don’t really offer the same options for viewing as putting something in a tuned up level does. (Nor would the work you put into it have any impact at all on a finished product).

We mostly use them for a quick reference, or to pice parts together.