Assertion failed Importing a fbx = crash


Hey i have a problem with Unreal. I want to export a animation from
I used my mesh and animate it with this site, than i said: Give me a Fbx for Unreal, i download it and than i want to import it. But in unreal the program crashed by 75% and i saw this window…
Can someone help me`?
I need this animation for my work…
Sorry for my bad english ( antworten in deutsch sind auch super :slight_smile: )

Hi Meankoala,

Can you try this same mesh in 4.12? I seem to recall some animation and FBX import issues in 4.10 that should be resolved already.

If you’re still getting the crash with that version can you post an FBX that will reproduce this same crash so we can investigate?

Thank you!


Thx with 4.12 it works. Now i must find out, how the animation will work :smiley:

This problem was so nasty, i am very happy that it worked now. :smiley:

I got it :smiley: Only my textures are broken,…