Assertion failed: ... FileF:\build\Trunk\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Serialization\Archive.cpp] [Line:409]

Crashes faithfully while ARK Game is loaded and trying to download the last “Amissa” mod for Ark on one of my two pcs, making the game unplayable.

I have tried the switch: -norhithread in the launch options per a forum suggestion. I have verified that I have the latest NVIDIA driver installed (430.86 released 5/27/19). Still crashes.
On this PC I Have:
GEForce GTX 1070 8gbps (Video BIOS v86. PCI x16 Gen 3
Intel I5-4690K CPU 3.50Hz 3.50 Ghz
16mb Ram
64-bit, x64![alt text][1]
Windows 10 Pro N 64 bit
I use to be able to play ARK with no probs on this pc and have the Amissa mod loaded.
Why is it trying to Access “F:”? I don’t have an “F” drive.
Apparently this is an old problem dating bck to 2015. Please help. Thanks

I get this same error on another pc, when I exit the ARK Survival Evolved game, but the game is playable on that PC with a newer video card.