"Assertion failed: Component != nullptr" in VR

Got this error when working. Can anyone point out why this error occurs? I have VR plugins enabled and error occurs when i server travel with non seamless travel.


Assertion failed: Component != nullptr [File:D:\Build++UE4+Release-4.18+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\HeadMountedDisplay\Private\LateUpdateManager.cpp] [Line: 75]

Not sure if related:

found this too, checking the fix suggested in finalzeros linked post

Did you guys find a solution that doesn’t involve overriding engine’s classes?

there any stack in logs?

check(Component != nullptr); → Crash

in LateUpdateManager.cpp to a conditional:

 if (Component != nullptr)

This definitely works and solved all my problems.
Build the engine from source - but if your problem is urgent this should not hold you back i guess?