ASCii console style game

Just wondering about the possiblities or roadblocks of making a Console Style game similar to Dwarf Fortress or old school MUDs and RougeLikes.

All input and information on the matter is welcome.

Don’t really see why you’d need unreal for this unless it’s like a mini game in your game. I suppose it’s possible but it seems to me like it’d be more work than it should be.

I don’t think you need Unreal for this at all too, you only gonna waste PC resources when this kind of game could work on any computer, even DOS machines. Learn C++, curses library will definitely help you on this one, not sure about possibilities via C#

Yeah, I figured. Just thought it would have been nice to mix old-gen style graphics with next gen stuff as well, as far as putting it all in a newer gen looking AI, and using blueprint and such for AI bits or what-not. Was just a thought.

Yeah, I thought the same thing. I have been toying with Curses and working on basic windows programs as well, just wondering about how using blueprints and UMG as well as other things would help. It was just a stick in the air kind of idea.

I don’t know why they are all ■■■■■■■ it. You wouldn’t have to simulate a real console.

If you have your heart set on UMG, you could create text blocks all over the place and thing of it as a tilebased map, changing the text on each one to match the “ascii tile” of your map, based on the current position. It’s pretty simple, actually.

The only reason I would suggest against it, is because a standard UE4 build is over 200mb. Not to mention the best things about UE4 are the lighting and physics. You wouldn’t use any of that.

I’d recommend just pure C++. Although if you wanted fancier stuff (graphically) you could use SFML or something