Ascent Combat Framework - C++ Multiplayer Melee/Ranged Combat System

Hi there,

working on this plug in built for a person a project,
It includes:

Melee combat system
Ranged Combat System
Statistics System
Item /Equipment / Inventory System
Targeting System
Locomotion System
Generic Statistics and attribute system
100 % multiplayer ready
100% C++, higly generic, animations are just an example made using paragon assets.

**New: **

Configurable AI System that supports both Melee and Ranged AIs
Companions Systems with command pattern to give order to your companions!

V 0.4

V 0.1

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**Does It Work Single Player? **

Actually the single player version is finished, most of the bug I’m fixing are Multiplayer Only.

Will It Include AI?

I’m working on AI right now, but it will be a separate module.
NEW! Yes, AI will be inclueded!

How much you plan to charge for it?

Not really sure, my plans are from 50$ for basic modules to 229$ for the complete Pro version.

Will AI Use Weapons?

At the moment AI are based on the same class of player without ANY difference so ai can be Unarmed / melee / ranged and will use the same equipment System and the same Action System of the player. Basicly each AI will also have it’s own inventory and the weapon it equips will modify their stats exaclty like they do for players. But this part is still a WIP.

I would buy this. How much are you thinking about charging for it?

Yeah I think you would have a lot of interest. Your targeting system looks great btw. There are only a few c++ projects on mp, but I’m sure either as a plugin or full project it would be good.

if you add also single player mode, i mean some basic single player enemy would be to totally interested for this

and there is basic ai with few weapons, i am interested also to buy for this. I am not interested for multiplayer stuff

If It works in multiplayer it works in single player. Just do not build the server. I personally want the multiplayer support.
In the description of one of his videos he said that a future update will have enemy AI / Companions.

True but i will buy this if in future at marketplace with basic enemy ai, but otherwise it looks stunning

Hi all thanks for your answers. I’m working on AI right now and the moment is too buggy to be showed.

The idea is to selll the AI module separately. The Single player version ath the moment is pretty stable, I’m fixing some problems in multiplayer trying to optimizing stuff like statistic regeneration etc.

Please notice that this will not be a “complete project” but a “framework”., an unreal extension to build your own combat system. The video is just an example of what can buiult withi it, itt includes a State Machine badsed character controller (similar to Oopsive’s one from the Other Engine :D) and you can literally build any kind of controller with it.

About the price I’m still thinking about it.

I will release cheap module like targeting / statistics system (which can be used in any project, I tried to design them in the most generic way).

The whole system will be in the 229 $ range probably with a starting discount (around 150 probably) to handle initial bugs that will come out almost for sure.

I have almost finished thew AI system and updated the channel with some presentation videos.

Probably I was thinking to insert AI toghether with the rest in a single package since it will be a lot easier to me to mantain the codebase!