As i turn the camera the lighting flickers on my character model

as i turn the camera the lighting flickers on my character model… see the screenshots.

The light is a stationary light and the light build is done… so im not sure why this is happening.
It just flickers back and forth fast and repeatedly as i move the camera around. Its as though odd broken shadows flicker in and out… its strange.

Hi Kurylo3d,

Are you able to get this flickering to occur when you place your character mesh in a blank level with only a stationary light, floor mesh, and built lighting.

If the issue goes away in the blank level there is something wrong in your level. If the issue persists this may be a bounds issue with your skeletal mesh but I have a feeling that isn’t the case (right now anyway).

If you think the issue is with your map it may be related to your indirect lighting cache. In your lightmass settings try changing the volume light sample placement scale. These settings need to be tweeked depending on your scene. Usually try to pick values close to 1 like .8 or 1.5 since anything else will get a bit crazy.

Let me know if that helps,


This doesnt happen in every room with the character so i dont know. Seems mostly happening in that room with the realtime shadows… Doesnt look like an ambient light issue… its a real time shadow issue.

This doesnt happen in every room with the character.

If this doesn’t occur in every other room we can assume that the issue is with how your lights are setup in that room.

If you can reproduce this in a blank project and can provide list of steps for me to get the issue to appear on my end, then we can investigate further.

For future reference please look at the “Before you Report a Bug” Section Here: Einen Fehler melden - Unreal Engine

Following the steps listed is the best way to get quality assistance.

theres only one stationary light casting shadows in the room… thats it… and the lighting has been built so i have no idea why there are issues. Also do you think it would have anything to do with this bug in teh same level /loaded levels?

I was unable to reproduce this issue on my end by following the information your provided.

I used the following steps:

  • in an empty map create a basic room (plain walls, floor, and ceiling made from the basic cube)
  • place a stationary light with default settings inside the room (Bake Lighting)
  • placed the Unreal Mannequin character in the room
  • Move the camera and look for flicker

Have you tested to see if this issue appears with other skeletal meshes?

  • If this only happens with this character then the issue is with your asset.
  • If this only happens in that specific room there must be something else you are missing that makes that room different from a basic room with a single stationary light.

Also, I believe that the issue you linked is unrelated to this post.

I will attempt to reproduce this and investigate this further on my end. I’m juggling project so I will get back to you when I have more information.

I can say there are some particle effects for candles with lights inside them as well in the room, but i dont think they have the range to even hit the character…

Hi Kurylo3d,

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will follow up.


Hi Ed,

I have been messing around with it more and it seems like the more lights that need to be rebuilt in the scene that the more this issue happens… It seems like it happens in many other rooms right now and i have about 8000 objects that need to be rebuilt now. Thats mostly because im working on stuff and havent rebuilt it yet… So i truely beleive that this problem stems from it not being built which therefore is a big issue that it always says 1000 need to be rebuilt after i built it save it and reopen all the levels… I am of course referring to that other link i posted… that other question…

I will let you know what happens when i get a chance to rebuild it all to see what happens.

Ok I rebuilt the lighting and i dont see the problem AS MUCH in that room, but i see it a little every now and then flicker into shadow to light on the head…Seems like the problem only happens on the computer that is running an nvidia gtx590 right now…, not the gtx 980 as far as i can tell. not 100% certain on that… memory issue with shadows?

it also says 2000 objects have to be rebuilt after ive built all the maps together… so whats up with that?? …
Apparently looking at the unreal forums im not the only person having that problem with objects needing to be rebuilt if u reopen the scene

Kurylo3d, If you feel that this is a compatibility issue could you make a new post labeled: Shadow Flickering On Skeletal Mesh For gtx590

That will help people who are having the same issue find your post and get help. Once that is done we can do compatibility testing on our end to see if we can get the same problem. We will also need the dxdiag on the machine that has the flickering.

Also I’ll start investigating that other issue you mentioned.

Thank you,

I appreciate that. On another note the flickering from what i can tell seems to be happening on the skin from epics infiltrator demo material at the moment. Ill attach the dx diag here for now and ill double check my home computers with gtx 980 later tonight just to make sure its a compatibility text

Hey, I thought I would get back to you. We did some compat testing and still couldn’t reproduce your issue. I saw this other AnswerHub post that sounded very similar to your problem so I thought I would share it to see if the solution he mentioned works for you. How do I fix light flickering artifacts on my characters - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

We are having exactly the same issue with a stationary light in our scene. @, that issue is completely different to the one Kurylo3d mentioned.
I am attaching a video. In our case, it only happens with the Mesh of our character (clothes are additional skeletal meshes attached to it).

Hi ,

I will be able to assist you better if we move this to a new AnswerHub Post. After you have created the post leave a comment here with the link and we will go from there.