Artificial intelligence Creating Video Games

AI is at it again, but now it is creating it’s own game engines and video game mechanics. It may prove to be a good tool for brainstorming and coming up with different types of game play in the future.
At it’s core however, it relies on pre-written code written by humans. So I wouldn’t worry about AI taking our jobs.

More like vested-interests/big-media are at it again as we’re eons from replicating human creativity!
When you read about AI… What the experts really mean, is more about a shift towards automation…

One example is a truck that drives itself on highways, or can be remotely piloted in trickier sections.
Or a program that scan x-rays, ultra-sounds and other diagnostic images faster than actual doctors.

Human neural-nets are self-aware whereas tech’s are about pattern matching, so bit of a leap there!
AI tools can be used for brainstorming game ideas, but that’s no guarantee AI games won’t be a fad!

Yea, honestly, a lot of sites these days totally misrepresent what AI is by putting up eye catching titles to their articles that exaggerate what they are accomplishing. They make it sound like AI is going to spawn into SkyNet and take over. A lot of these sites aren’t even technical sites and I’m guessing don’t completely understand AI. That and they just want people to read their articles.

Yea, and self aware neural nets likely won’t be a reality until we at least have quantum computing. I think the major hurdle is hardware limitations. There simply isn’t enough processing power to match the human brain. Not even sure you can match the brain of a rodent either.

Hollywood has made AI scary. Big corporations make AI scary. (Budweiser has automated delivery trucks as does amazons drone tech.Let alone automated machine learning on factory floors.) Judicial, and law systems make AI scary. (Traffic camera’s, automated ticketing systems, license plate capture drone tech etc.) As if the military murdering people in the middle east with flying computers wasnt enough. The pentagon has them flying over us.

Big-media is the worst offender imho, but it is fun to watch Facebook-Zuk vs. Elon-Telsa-Musk:stuck_out_tongue:

I really like dean kamen. As far as tycoons go. He doesn’t get the press, and exposure, He’s just really good to people.