Artifacts on meshes after build light

Hi there. I got an issue with some meshes after build lighting like that on the curtain. Lightmap is 1024, only spot light in the center of the room. How I can fix that?


It’s going to be the lightmap uv! If you’ll check the lightmap uv, you’ll see that your curtain will be cut up into stripes and smaller parts!
You should try to keep the whole curtain’s lightmap as 1 island! Then you won’t have these articacts!!
You can also try to re-generate the lightmap uv by Unreal, it’s possible that it will give you a better result than this!

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Thank you so much for your advice! I took the texture uv 0 and appoint it on uv 1. Am I did this right?
And I found another problem. Behind a curtain a got an artifacts on the wall. Lightmap and resolution are fine. What"s wrong in this time? Thank you

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It looks like the other uv is better!! Maybe that was the proper lightmap uv and not the 0 one…
I’ve seen these kind of errors on the forum but never a solution…
Are you sure it has the proper uv for lightmap selected? Is that face is on the lightmap uv and not overlapping with other islands? Was there a mesh covering that face earlier in the scene?